The King's Head Theatre

Babydoll is currently in production. Following the cancellation of the Vault's Festival, it found a home in the King's Head Theatre. It will be performed between 5th and 9th of March 2022. It is Flawstate's first project to be Arts Council funded. 


BABYDOLL by Meg Wilson 

“Don’t put sex on a pedestal, love. You forget: most of it is really f*cking boring.”

Zeena is thrown when her Boss starts bringing escorts home.

When one of them asks for her number, things get even more complicated.

Babydoll is a whirlwind of warmth, fun and ferocity. A piece of new writing which asks the question: what exactly does a normal relationship look like? And more to the point: who cares? This queer love story explores our obsession with knowing what’s best. But are we really supporting the people we love? Or are we supporting who we wish they were?

Where: The King's Head Theatre, London. 

When: 5th - 9th March 2022

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