Our Work

Since we began in 2019, Flawstate have been committed to bringing new writing pieces to life on stage and screen. 

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Bored of Knives

The White Bear, 2019

Flawstate's debut production. 

Bored of Knives followed the story of childhood friends, meeting for the first time after years of estrangement. Has their past shaped the women they have become? Or is this just who they are? 

Bored of Knives 2021

Greenwich Theatre/Online

After its first run, Bored of Knives was going to have its second run at Greenwich Theatre however, following the COVID19 pandemic we shifted gear and created a filmed version of the show instead. 

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Flawstate Scratch Night

During the COVID19 pandemic, Flawstate ran an online charity scratch night for WiseThoughts Charity. This Scratch Night raised over £300 and gave platform to over 40 creatives. Pieces were performed live on zoom. 


The Vaults Festival

In Production 

This piece was written by Meg Wilson and is due to be performed in February 2022. 

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